Work Smarter. Do Less. Live More.
June 20-22, 2018
Why Attend A Less Doing LIVE Event?
Dear Hard-Charging Entrepreneur, 

You’ve got a problem.

You’re always busy, always running. You have too much to do, and there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done.

You can’t help but think “If only…”
“If only I had the time to focus on the tasks that will help me generate leads and sell consistently!”
“If only I had the space to really engage with my targets and learn their needs!”
“If only I could automate my lead generation and sales!”
“If only I could build solid processes to help my business scale!”

You love your business, but you are buried under a mountain of “if onlys” with too many obstacles between your big idea and its achievement.
So here’s what you do: you keep hustling and working overtime. You think if you can just put out today’s fires and get through today’s stack of challenges then you will have time to do what you know what you need to be doing.

But you never do have time, do you? It’s always more of the same - more work, more frustration, more stress.

And the more you spin your wheels, the less you move forward. The more you do, the less you progress.

I know how that is. I was there. In fact, there was a time when I nearly worked myself to death. Literally. In the hospital. Not knowing if I would ever leave.
It was from this low point, that Less Doing was born.

I went through my entire life with a fine-tooth comb. I threw out everything that was unnecessary, automated anything that was possible, and outsourced whatever I could.

I removed every obstacle that stood between me and the essential tasks in my business.

And do you know what? It worked!

I’m living the life I always dreamed of. I have a business that energizes rather than drains me, a family I am fully present with, and complete control over my time.

Every working minute of my day is spent ONLY on what accelerates my business and nothing else.

I know that’s what you want too. That’s what all driven entrepreneurs like us want.

We want to work hard in the areas we’re passionate about, grow our business, and create a legacy that helps and inspires others.
And here’s what else I know about you:
Your problem isn’t what you’re doing, it’s how you’re doing it. 

An inefficient process done harder, faster, and stronger just makes for more inefficiency. You can hustle all you want, but you won’t get anywhere if you hustle in all the wrong directions. 

I’m Ari Meisel, and I specialize in helping the overwhelmed become more effective. I’ve helped thousands, and I can help you too.

At the Less Doing LIVE Intensive Coaching, I will give you the framework to Optimize, Automate, and Outsource everything in your life and business.
Why Attend A Less Doing LIVE Event?
Focus on the essentials and forget the rest!

Set it and forget it!
Make technology do your dirty work!
Not in your unique ability? Pass it off to someone else!

Give me three days, and I will make everything in your life easier!
I will give you...
  •   More time for the essential.
  •   More focus to do what REALLY matters.  
  • More energy to get through your day. 
  •  A tried-and-true framework to take control of ANY activity in your life and business. 
 Stop spinning your wheels.
Stop wasting your time.
Stop drowning in stress.

Now, I know three days is a long time in the life of an entrepreneur, but I GUARANTEE that these three days will give you back AT LEAST two hours a day.

That’s 10 hours a week. 520 hours a year. Almost an entire MONTH of your time given back to you to focus on what really matters! Think about what you could do with an EXTRA MONTH in your year… Now answer this: is that worth three days?

I know it is.

And yes - you could get these principles from reading my book or searching the web. But if you want the full, immersive experience of getting in the trenches and working side-by-side with ME to OAO your business, then this event is for you.

At the Less Doing LIVE Intensive Coaching You Will:
  • Identify the activities that pay the bills and accelerate your growth!
  • Organize your ideas and know how and when to action them!
  • Build systems and process around what you do well!
  • Take control of your communication with your team and your clients!
  • Automate your essential processes!
  • Leverage a team to get your business ahead!

9 Fundamentals of
Less Doing

The critical steps you NEED to master to graduate your business to the next level!

5 Productivity Challenges

The 5 things that are holding your business back from reaching its full potential!

Productivity Deep-Dive

Get up close and personal with the specific challengesthat are hindering YOUR growth!

Group Coaching Intensive

Learn how to ask the right questions to accelerate the effectiveness of you and your team!

 Social Events

Connect and network with other like-minded Productivity Professionals!

Specially-Designed Workouts

Learn techniques to boost energy and improve focus so you can perform your best in life and business!

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9:30am Registration Begins
10:30am Brunch
12pm to 6pm The Nine Fundamentals of Less Doing
6:30pm Cocktails on the balcony
Dinner On Your Own

7am Beach Yoga/Workout
10am Brunch
11:30am Intro to Five Productivity Challenges
6:30pm Dinner
8pm - 10pm Continue with Five Productivity Challenges Deep Dive

7am Beach Yoga/Workout
8am Breakfast
9am Productivity Deep Dive
1pm Lunch (Optional, if you're not staying for the Mastermind)

2:00pm Mastermind Program begins
6:30pm Mastermind Dinner

*AGENDA is subject to change

** The MASTERMIND Program starts directly after Less Doing Live! on Friday. If you aren't currently a member, there will be an opportunity to join during the event. If you are considering this, we recommend you book your return flight for Saturday morning.
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