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Labs Premium - Group Coaching
The Less Doing Labs Premium
A top-tier community of Less Doing Labs focused on amplifying your unique ability in order to be the industry definers. 
The Less Doing Labs Premium Membership includes everything in The Less Doing Labs, PLUS:
  • Access to the exclusive Less Doing Labs Premium community on Slack where you can network with other game-changers and industry leaders
  • Direct access to the founder of Less Doing, Ari Meisel
  • A weekly Optimizer Call with the Less Doing Team to ensure you get the most out of your membership
  • Over 200 hours of video content and instructional materials with practical ways to tackle your biggest productivity challenges
  • Process Hacker Live - a monthly video where Ari Meisel will teach YOU how to set up a custom Less Doing process for your business
  • Exclusive access to the OAO podcast - A weekly podcast hosted by Ari Meisel showcasing the latest & greatest apps, productivity hacks, and custom built processes
  • The Weekly Toolbox - Exclusive content from the Less Doing Podcast only available to Premium Members detailing guests’ top three tips to be more effective
$99 / Month
The Less Doing Labs Includes:
  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded thought-leaders and industry-definers via Slack 
  • Membership in the Less Doing Labs Facebook group
  • Practical tools and advice to help you 10x your productivity and optimize, automate, and outsource your life
  • A monthly members-only webinar hosted by Ari Meisel 
  • Weekly video content addressing your biggest productivity challenges
  • Expert content, apps, productivity tips, and more!
  • Special offers and discounts to member businesses 
Group Coaching
  • Help yourself and others become more effective in  life -  both in business and personally.
Membership benefits for Less Doing Group Coaching include all the benefits of The Less Doing Labs AND The Less Doing Labs Premium PLUS:
  • Access to an exclusive Group Coaching Slack team
  • One-on-one strategy calls with the Less Doing Team to identify your goals and track your progress
  • Group calls with Ari Meisel every other week to deep-dive into productivity challenges, the best new apps and technology for your business, and strategies for applying the OAO methodology to your life and business 
  • Monthly member “hot seat” calls where the group focuses on one member’s specific challenges and helps to brainstorm solutions
  • A free ticket to one of our quarterly Less Doing events (value $2,500)
$500 / Month
Business Mastermind
  • The Business Mastermind is a unique opportunity to work in a small group setting with Ari to grow and scale your business. 
Business Consulting
  • We help teams optimize, automate, and outsource everything so they can rapidly scale their businesses. Our consulting is typically delivered in the form of onsite full day workshops. We can create custom consulting offerings as needed.
 Public Speaking
  • Ari launched his speaking career with a TEDx Talk in 2008. He has addressed thousands of industry-leading executives, entrepreneurs and visionaries, showing them how they can reclaim their time, so they can live more.

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