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'The Replaceable Founder Intensive'
Join me in NYC to remove The bottlenecks holding your business back from scalable growth!
At This Workshop, I’ll Guide You Through The 3 Pillars Necessary To Achieve Replaceability
Effective Communication
One of the big areas where most business get tripped up. We've been given all these wonderful tools, but never really taught how to use them.

You'll learn how to leverage internal and external communication and remove communication bottlenecks that slow down progress in your business.
Project Management
When it comes to project management and todo lists, most people get it wrong.

The biggest culprit is a lack of movement or velocity. The human brain likes to see things move.

I'll walk you through how 'Kanban' style project management tools can help you optimize your projects and tasks go from todo, to doing and done.
Perfect Processes
Do you have well documented processes? That everyone can access? That have been updated recently?

Most people answer "no..."

You will learn the 'POS' system that will show you how you can create bulletproof, perfectly optimized processes in your business.
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